Wills and Trusts

While no one knows what lies ahead in the afterlife, we can ensure that we know exactly what is to follow for our loved ones that we leave behind. It is imperative to seek out expert legal advice with regards to creating wills and trusts and ensuring your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes in your absence. Our team of legal brains will give you the best advice and ensure you find the easiest processes and third-party service providers (where applicable) to make the planning process simple and straightforward while giving you peace of mind that your last wishes will be carried out correctly.


Your will is the legal document that contains information regarding any trusts, policies, and insurances that may pay out upon your death. It is imperative that you have a will in order to safeguard your assets and your family. Your will communicates your last wishes regarding the distribution of your assets.


A trust is often formed in order to protect an estate by reducing excessive estate taxes, protecting your wealth, and ensuring beneficiaries can get the support they require on a slow and ongoing basis, rather than a once-off lump sum. A trust is an agreement between the beneficiaries, the estate executors, and trustees.

You may believe that anything stated in your will is legally binding, but if it infringes on someone else’s rights, or if it contradicts any laws, it may render that wish invalid. This is why it imperative to seek legal counsel with regards to these legal decisions. Our services include:

  • Drawing up the will
  • Advising on estate planning & options
  • Formation of estates
  • Managing the estates
  • Executing the estate
  • Advising you on policies and protocols based on your goals and preferences

Live each day with the knowledge that your loved ones are cared for beyond the years of your own life. Create the wills and estates that guarantee peace of mind.